5 ways to help improve youth’s lives

In many ways, youth is the building block of our society. The future greatly lies in their hands, and it is only crucial that we value them. It is important that communities focus on how to ensure that every young person has all the opportunities they deserve to have. Investing in their future is investing in change and betterment for society.

Across various regions, there are different organizations that contribute and lead in fostering improvement in young people’s lives. Rainbow Youth in Canada is one of the leading organizations in North America that is dedicated to enriching young people’s lives. 

If you have a passion for helping out the youth, read on to learn the little ways to help improve their lives.

Be a mentor

Mentoring is a great way to support a young person in growing their confidence and realising their capability of achieving their goals. There are certain organizations that you can contact so that you’ll be connected to a local mentoring program in your area. 

There are also organizations that can provide you training and online support in order to be part of a national mentoring movement. Some are specialized in looking for elderly that would help impart wisdom to the youth.

Tutor a student 

It is unfortunate that there are many smart students out there who can’t beat the odds and enter a good university just because they are disadvantaged.

According to studies, students who are tutored do better at school. This is especially true to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is shown that they appreciate help that is given to them and maximize it by working hard in their studies. 

Volunteer in a school 

Teachers and teacher assistants love their careers. However, their profession makes them busy by nature and they are not able to volunteer though they want to. Volunteer in organizations and charities that would help you get connected to schools that need extra help for primary aged children.

Contribute in tech investment 

It is observed that there is a big gap between schools with regards to access to technology. You can support crowdfunding platforms like Rocket Fund which helps young people have access to the latest technologies.

Get your employer involved 

Take initiative and encourage your organization or company to provide work experience and hold job visits for young people. It can make a difference since they will be exposed to various employment possibilities. 

For example, one can create a work placement in the UK with organizations like In2ScienceUK which support kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to excel as future scientists and engineers. Rainbow Youth, on the other hand, informs the youth regarding possibilities that await them in specific career fields.

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