Rainbow Youth’s programs for children

Children are the nation’s future. For us to have a better tomorrow, taking care of our youth is important among anything else. At Rainbow Youth, we do our part in raising the country’s youths to become better citizens by providing them with the space to speak and have their thoughts listened to. To ensure authenticity and relevance, these radio programs are created by youths for the youth with some guidance from our staff. 

To establish a well-rounded personality, we believe that it is important to develop social, creative and intellectual skills in children. To do that, we have devised relevant radio programmes that focus on developing these skills in both our children radio hosts and listeners. 

As primary caregivers, parents play the most important role in raising their children. That’s why they are also involved in some of our programmes. Learn more about Rainbow Youth’s programs for children below.

Kids Thinking, Kids Doing Program

Programs for children and youth is an integral part of Rainbow Youth. By featuring children and the youth at our radio station, we provide opportunities for the nation’s young people to have a forum where they can express their views on various angles. This allows not only the participants to reflect on certain issues but also for the young listeners to think for themselves.

The program “Kids Thinking, Kids Doing” is sponsored by Ajarn Atsawin, and it has a vision of seeing and maximizing children’s and the youth’s potential. In this program, young people are given the opportunity to discuss matters that are important to their age group. May it be about pop culture, politics, school, or arts and crafts, they are given the freedom to talk about whatever they deem relevant. 

By giving our nation’s young people a space where they can speak, they take active participation in nation-building even at their young age. Not only are their critical thinking skills developed but they also get to exercise their aptitude for public speaking and improve their confidence. This prepares them for their later years when these skills play a relevant role in everyday life. 

Importance of social discussions

Discussing current affairs is an essential part of “Kids Thinking, Kids Doing” since we place importance in social and political awareness starting at a young age. 

We believe that encouraging children to learn and care about what’s happening both in the local and global scenes contributes to the development of their overall wellbeing. This shapes their empathy and social responsibility, which are foundational values children should be taught at a young age. It allows them to participate in discussions about issues relevant to the world around them. 

With that comes the strong feeling of belongingness, loyalty, nationalism and activism. Being part of a larger community drives them to act accordingly and strive to be better citizens. Apathy is what kills a nation, and by crushing it at an early age, we pave the way for better ideals such as social responsibility to take root and grow.

Importance of creativity

To develop a balanced well-being, our program also gives importance in harnessing and improving the youth’s creativity. Curating and producing youth media content already plays an important role in this aspect. But to improve even more, we have arts and crafts sessions where listeners can partake in creating something out of nothing.

Whether it is the Thai Children Advancement Program or the Youth Friends Program for Children and Youth, our child-friendly programs demonstrate the different talents of our children on the stage of Bangkok Radio broadcasting.

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