Rainbow Youth: Seminars for the youth

At Rainbow Youth, we encourage our youth to participate in educational programs and discussions aimed at improving their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Aside from our children and youth radio programs, we also hold events where we invite experts and youths to discuss relevant topics before broadcasting them on the radio station at a later date. 

Children and Youth: Drug problems

Friday, June 12

Moderated by Miss Leann Cravilla and fellow youths, this program focuses on the prevention and solution of drug problems in schools. 

To make sure the legitimacy of the program, school directors and staff take part in the creation of the activities done in the program. The participants are the following:

  • Christine McAphee, Teacher and Head of Business Office
  • Florence Davis, Student Activities Member
  • Miss Justine Smith, Student Committee Member
  • Miss Robin Hale, Student Council President and the manager of the TOB Number One Centre

Don’t miss this Friday’s segment! 

There are plenty of difficulties surrounding our nation’s youth today. From mental stress to safety and security, plenty of factors affect young people’s lives. Among the problems plaguing society today, drug problems are one of the most prevalent, especially among vulnerable sectors. If left unchecked, it can destroy the future of our children and the youth. 

That’s why in our Youth Friends for Children and Youth program, we take this matter seriously and discuss with experts how to solve these prevalent problems. In our program, we invite children and young people to answer questions about today’s drug problems. 

Thaksin College of Business Administration Technology hosts this event, and it is open to anyone who wants to watch live and get ideas on how to solve drug problems in school. But for those who cannot attend, we will be broadcasting the event live at our radio station.

Don’t miss this event and make sure to listen to their views and opinions tomorrow when you tune in to Rainbow Youth.

The event will be hosted by Joshua Kennedy.

Broadcast time: 17:00-18:00 every Friday at the Ontaro Radio Station.
Visit our website to tune in!

Children and Youth: Leadership

Friday, June 12

This program is moderated by Miss Beau Moon and fellow youths from the College of Technology in Business Administration. Together with college students, they discussed the topic of leadership and appropriate follower behaviour. We would like to thank the management of Canadian Business Administration College of Technology for providing the students with space, facilities and opportunity to participate in our program. 

Broadcast time: 17:00-18:00 every Friday at the Ontaro Radio Station.
Visit our website to tune it!

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