Rainbow Youth: Why should you help the youth

Rainbow Youth: Why should you help the youth 

The youth’s population today is the largest it has ever been. Youth is a critical age group since the kids, teens, adults and senior citizens rely on their success and they determine the future of the country. Continue reading to know why it is vital to help today’s youth.  

  • They can change our current global status

Youth is the world’s best chance to end poverty. They possess the energy, passion and creativity to take on the complex problems passed on to them by their elders. These make them the ideal people to solve the world’s issues.

Since they are expected to change the current status of society, they must always get involved in decision making.

  • They can offer innovative solutions

The youth hold the answers to our biggest global challenges since they are an endless source of innovative energy. They have proved to have the ability to think outside the box and develop creative solutions.

Young people have fresh perspectives that they could bring to the world. These outlooks give them the ability to come up with innovative solutions that would not have crossed the minds of adults. 

  • Youth are the best leaders

For a country to succeed, it needs educated and effective leaders. Youth will maintain the virtues set by other leaders and help the country in reaching its goals in the future. They are the ones who will correct the errors and lapses of the previous leaders.

When youth contribute their ideas to address social issues, they will begin to realize that they are capable of leading and giving valuable help to the lives of others. 

  • Youth are next in the line

As the adults and senior citizens grow older, many job posts will become vacant. These positions will be filled by no other than the youth. 

After several years, the youth are also expected to be the next parents to continue with recreation. They are assumed to be good models to the younger generation like kids and teenagers. 

Rainbow Youth: Help the youth now

To maintain the culture, values and progress of the country, the youth should be familiar with the current technology, world issues and politics. But they need support from the community and society to do that. That is why the country should provide them with quality education, access to health services and viable jobs.

Helping them now will inspire a generation of future leaders. That is why it is vital to urge the youth to start their path and give them the support that they need to be successful. Helping the youth now will promote stronger societies and future leaders. Their contribution is an opportunity that the world can’t afford to miss.

Rainbow Youth’s mission is to inspire young people to live the lives they deserve. Please have a look around our website to learn more about the services we provide! 

Recreational activities youths can do

There are different types of recreational activities youths can do during their free time. Instead of playing video games or going out to parties, having your child engage in physical activities can be more beneficial to them. Fortunately, there are a lot of recreational activities you can make your child participate in. If you’re curious to know more, here are some of them: 

Kite flying 

Kite flying is one of the most exciting outdoor activities your kids will love. It’s engaging, fun and physically invigorating. If you want to bond with them through kite flying, it’s also possible that you organize family competitions to include everyone. 

Bungee jumping 

If your children are thrill-seekers, bungee jumping is an activity they would enjoy. You can bring them to centres that offer it or in recreational parks and resorts where they can do it in rivers or cliffs. However, be cautious with this activity because it has to be supervised by experts to prevent injuries. 


One of the most fulfilling activities you can make your child do is cycling. Not only is it a form of good exercise, but it’s also a good activity that will clear your child’s headspace and make way for more creativity and relaxation. 

Hula hoop race and catch 

Hula hoops are exciting recreational activities that young people will enjoy. You can make your children do multiple hula hoops and race with other kids. 

Football matches 

One of the most exciting things you can play with your child is football. What makes football exciting is that you can also invite your child to follow different clubs or leagues which will make them appreciate the sport more. 

Treasure hunting 

Another engaging activity you can do for your children is organizing a treasure hunting activity. You can scatter clues and leave rewards if they manage to locate the items you hid. This will teach them patience and determination when pursuing a task.


Baking is a recreational activity that your kids will enjoy. You can teach them how to measure, assess and be more mindful of the pastry they’re cooking. Additionally, this is also a good way to encourage them to make their snacks instead of buying them. 

Wall climbing

Another exhilarating activity you can introduce to your children is wall climbing. This activity is not just a good hobby, but it’s also a great way for your kids to form their muscles and strengthen their bones. Just make sure that they are supervised by an expert so you can prevent injuries during the activity.  

Book your reservation here at Rainbow Youth and enjoy different recreational activities with your children. Follow us on our social media sites to see the different events we’ve organized for the youth.

Rainbow Youth’s programs for children

Children are the nation’s future. For us to have a better tomorrow, taking care of our youth is important among anything else. At Rainbow Youth, we do our part in raising the country’s youths to become better citizens by providing them with the space to speak and have their thoughts listened to. To ensure authenticity and relevance, these radio programs are created by youths for the youth with some guidance from our staff. 

To establish a well-rounded personality, we believe that it is important to develop social, creative and intellectual skills in children. To do that, we have devised relevant radio programmes that focus on developing these skills in both our children radio hosts and listeners. 

As primary caregivers, parents play the most important role in raising their children. That’s why they are also involved in some of our programmes. Learn more about Rainbow Youth’s programs for children below.

Kids Thinking, Kids Doing Program

Programs for children and youth is an integral part of Rainbow Youth. By featuring children and the youth at our radio station, we provide opportunities for the nation’s young people to have a forum where they can express their views on various angles. This allows not only the participants to reflect on certain issues but also for the young listeners to think for themselves.

The program “Kids Thinking, Kids Doing” is sponsored by Ajarn Atsawin, and it has a vision of seeing and maximizing children’s and the youth’s potential. In this program, young people are given the opportunity to discuss matters that are important to their age group. May it be about pop culture, politics, school, or arts and crafts, they are given the freedom to talk about whatever they deem relevant. 

By giving our nation’s young people a space where they can speak, they take active participation in nation-building even at their young age. Not only are their critical thinking skills developed but they also get to exercise their aptitude for public speaking and improve their confidence. This prepares them for their later years when these skills play a relevant role in everyday life. 

Importance of social discussions

Discussing current affairs is an essential part of “Kids Thinking, Kids Doing” since we place importance in social and political awareness starting at a young age. 

We believe that encouraging children to learn and care about what’s happening both in the local and global scenes contributes to the development of their overall wellbeing. This shapes their empathy and social responsibility, which are foundational values children should be taught at a young age. It allows them to participate in discussions about issues relevant to the world around them. 

With that comes the strong feeling of belongingness, loyalty, nationalism and activism. Being part of a larger community drives them to act accordingly and strive to be better citizens. Apathy is what kills a nation, and by crushing it at an early age, we pave the way for better ideals such as social responsibility to take root and grow.

Importance of creativity

To develop a balanced well-being, our program also gives importance in harnessing and improving the youth’s creativity. Curating and producing youth media content already plays an important role in this aspect. But to improve even more, we have arts and crafts sessions where listeners can partake in creating something out of nothing.

Whether it is the Thai Children Advancement Program or the Youth Friends Program for Children and Youth, our child-friendly programs demonstrate the different talents of our children on the stage of Bangkok Radio broadcasting.

Rainbow Youth: Seminars for the youth

At Rainbow Youth, we encourage our youth to participate in educational programs and discussions aimed at improving their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Aside from our children and youth radio programs, we also hold events where we invite experts and youths to discuss relevant topics before broadcasting them on the radio station at a later date. 

Children and Youth: Drug problems

Friday, June 12

Moderated by Miss Leann Cravilla and fellow youths, this program focuses on the prevention and solution of drug problems in schools. 

To make sure the legitimacy of the program, school directors and staff take part in the creation of the activities done in the program. The participants are the following:

  • Christine McAphee, Teacher and Head of Business Office
  • Florence Davis, Student Activities Member
  • Miss Justine Smith, Student Committee Member
  • Miss Robin Hale, Student Council President and the manager of the TOB Number One Centre

Don’t miss this Friday’s segment! 

There are plenty of difficulties surrounding our nation’s youth today. From mental stress to safety and security, plenty of factors affect young people’s lives. Among the problems plaguing society today, drug problems are one of the most prevalent, especially among vulnerable sectors. If left unchecked, it can destroy the future of our children and the youth. 

That’s why in our Youth Friends for Children and Youth program, we take this matter seriously and discuss with experts how to solve these prevalent problems. In our program, we invite children and young people to answer questions about today’s drug problems. 

Thaksin College of Business Administration Technology hosts this event, and it is open to anyone who wants to watch live and get ideas on how to solve drug problems in school. But for those who cannot attend, we will be broadcasting the event live at our radio station.

Don’t miss this event and make sure to listen to their views and opinions tomorrow when you tune in to Rainbow Youth.

The event will be hosted by Joshua Kennedy.

Broadcast time: 17:00-18:00 every Friday at the Ontaro Radio Station.
Visit our website to tune in!

Children and Youth: Leadership

Friday, June 12

This program is moderated by Miss Beau Moon and fellow youths from the College of Technology in Business Administration. Together with college students, they discussed the topic of leadership and appropriate follower behaviour. We would like to thank the management of Canadian Business Administration College of Technology for providing the students with space, facilities and opportunity to participate in our program. 

Broadcast time: 17:00-18:00 every Friday at the Ontaro Radio Station.
Visit our website to tune it!

Engaging Activities for the At-Risk Youth

Engaging Activities for the At-Risk Youth

There is a lot of at-risk youth around the world and that is the sad reality that we all have to face. As much as we may not be impressed with what these children did in their lives, we are somehow responsible for showing them that there are several ways on how they can make their lives better. 

Each child has a story to tell of why they were led to the current situations where they are in. By learning more about these children, we are introduced to the harsh realities that can really break a person’s life. 

Here at Rainbow Youth, we highly believe that all people deserve a better shot in life, regardless of how they may have messed it up. We came up with several activities that can make the at-risk youth involved. That way, they will realize that they are not worthless. With that, here are some of what we came up with. 

Sports activities 

Most at-risk youths find themselves lost. Given the fact that they have resorted to illegal activities and vices as their coping mechanism, it is not surprising to know that these children are deprived of nutrition and of proper activities that can make them more physically fit. 

By having them engaged in different sports, they will know the importance of teamwork and staying physically fit. That way, they will learn how to cooperate with other players and how to follow rules and regulations. 

Art activities 

One of the things that placed these at-risk youths where they are is the fact that they had resorted to the wrong activities as their coping mechanism. More often than not, these children are really hard to crack because of all the things that they endured in their life. With that, it is highly important that they learn how to express themselves even without the need to say their thoughts out loud. 

So, with the help of a few painting materials, we hope that these children can express themselves and somehow lessen the burden on their minds. That way, they can be more active and creative as they slowly start to open up. 

Clean up drives

Community service is not a punishment, even though it may be asked from those who may have had a hard time in their lives. By engaging the at-risk youth in our clean up drives, we aim to show them that they are not worthless because they can still do something in their lives. Whenever we have them involved in our community services, we make sure that they will see that they can still make an impact on other people’s lives, regardless of how dark their past may be. 

Overall, there are a lot of other activities that these at-risk youths can actually do. By engaging in these activities, they can make a difference in their own lives one step at a time. 

Ways on How You Can Help the Youth At Risk

We all want to let children have better lives than most of us did. However, it is quite undeniable that there are still those whose paths may not have been cleared yet. Despite several efforts throughout the years, we continuously see some youth who tend to be at risk with their future. 

Those who are considered to be at risk are the ones who face problems such as substance abuse and school failure. More often than not, these problems root from something deeper like depression and anxiety. 

Indeed, it is saddening to see how these people face grave problems at such an early age. Gladly, we can help them here at Rainbow Youth. Similarly, you can also help them in your simple ways. Here are some of those ways. 

Listen to them

Like earlier stated, some of these youth are in their situations because of certain problems that may have rooted from depression and anxiety. With that, it may be best that you approach these youth and learn more about their lives and the situations where they may have been in. 

While it may be easy to judge some people, it is best that you take your time and learn why they are behaving in a certain way. We can assure you that these children will appreciate your efforts because it is very rare for them to actually be asked about what they are feeling. 

Support them

Know what they need and learn how you can help give it to them. Being there for them is already great when it comes to giving them emotional support. Still, it is nice if you can also help them with the things that they actually need. One thing about these children is the fact that they never say what they actually need. 

With that, it may be a nice gesture if you give them some new clothes or some free food. Regardless of how much it costs, we are sure that they will appreciate it very much. Still, your support is what matters to them most of the time. 

Guide them 

Stray away from usual approaches that dictate them of what needs to be done. Instead, talk to them as a friend and try to be there for them while showing them that they can have a better life if they change some of their old ways. 

By doing this, they may appreciate your efforts in stepping up as their guardian and start to follow the good example which you are showing them. 


Dealing with these children is a really serious thing. Regardless if there may or may not be some activities that can have them involved, we highly suggest that you stay consistent with your efforts so that they will really feel your sincerity to help. That way, you can have their trust and create an impact on their lives.