Ways on How You Can Help the Youth At Risk

We all want to let children have better lives than most of us did. However, it is quite undeniable that there are still those whose paths may not have been cleared yet. Despite several efforts throughout the years, we continuously see some youth who tend to be at risk with their future. 

Those who are considered to be at risk are the ones who face problems such as substance abuse and school failure. More often than not, these problems root from something deeper like depression and anxiety. 

Indeed, it is saddening to see how these people face grave problems at such an early age. Gladly, we can help them here at Rainbow Youth. Similarly, you can also help them in your simple ways. Here are some of those ways. 

Listen to them

Like earlier stated, some of these youth are in their situations because of certain problems that may have rooted from depression and anxiety. With that, it may be best that you approach these youth and learn more about their lives and the situations where they may have been in. 

While it may be easy to judge some people, it is best that you take your time and learn why they are behaving in a certain way. We can assure you that these children will appreciate your efforts because it is very rare for them to actually be asked about what they are feeling. 

Support them

Know what they need and learn how you can help give it to them. Being there for them is already great when it comes to giving them emotional support. Still, it is nice if you can also help them with the things that they actually need. One thing about these children is the fact that they never say what they actually need. 

With that, it may be a nice gesture if you give them some new clothes or some free food. Regardless of how much it costs, we are sure that they will appreciate it very much. Still, your support is what matters to them most of the time. 

Guide them 

Stray away from usual approaches that dictate them of what needs to be done. Instead, talk to them as a friend and try to be there for them while showing them that they can have a better life if they change some of their old ways. 

By doing this, they may appreciate your efforts in stepping up as their guardian and start to follow the good example which you are showing them. 


Dealing with these children is a really serious thing. Regardless if there may or may not be some activities that can have them involved, we highly suggest that you stay consistent with your efforts so that they will really feel your sincerity to help. That way, you can have their trust and create an impact on their lives. 

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