Youth in Canada face their own challenges much like the young ones do in any country. Things have changed dramatically over the years and what they have to deal with this today can be difficult. However, being resilient young Canadians allows them to overcome obstacles in innovative ways.

Finances for Youth

Some thing that the Canadian youth groan about their financial situations needlessly but statistics have shown that the youth of today are facing the most student debt that has been recorded in history and to top it off they are working more hours and making less money.

In spite of this the young ones are still seeking out higher education and most try to contribute to their costs of education by holding down low paying jobs.

Employment Challenges

While still in the educational years young people are finding it difficult to get decent paying jobs because the job industry is putting an emphasis on applicants having post secondary education, which in itself comes with a huge cost.

Statistics are also showing that there are less youth now in Canada compared to going back to 1971. Where at that time youth was considered to be in the age group of 15 to 24 and they made up about 19% of the population of Canada. Then it shows that by 2011 this had dropped to 13% and forecasts indicate that by the year 2031 it will decrease further to 11%.

Unemployment rates are always higher for the youth in Canada compared to the older population.

With there being several different provinces throughout Canada this really dictates the lifestyles and conditions with which the youth are faced with. For example, in some provinces education is cheaper. In other provinces there is more job availability.

What the young people across Canada all seem to have in common though is a design for independence an a quest for opportunities that will allow them to live the types of lives they aspire to.