Gambling addiction is not just restricted to the adult population and it is not just a problem that Canada has to deal with. Unfortunately, there are youth in Canada that have become addicted to gambling.

This has always been an ongoing concern of some focus groups who have advocated for stricter gambling laws and for restricting gambling operations throughout the many provinces of Canada. Gambling addiction in youth is becoming recognized as a problem that has to be dealt with and in order to do this, it means taking a look at what environment is existing that is allowing this to happen.

This has led to the belief that the two major causes of this problem is the legalization of gambling and the way that society now looks at gambling. In the past, this was an activity that was frowned upon and generally considered unacceptable. Now in Canada, it has become more socially acceptable as a means of entertainment. With this acceptance, it has allowed for more gambling institutions to open giving easier access to the youth.

There are age restrictions regarding who can gamble in Canada. For those that want to play Bingo which comes into the gambling category, the age to be able to do is eighteen. For those that want to buy lottery tickets or frequent casinos, the age is nineteen.

There have been risk factors that have been considered as contributors to gambling addiction, which includes…

  • Not performing well academically
  • This addiction is more prevalent in males
  • Youth who suffer from depression may be at greater risk
  • Poor family environment
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And the list goes on. Preventative measures are being looked at by perhaps having society recognize the potential dangers of this form of activity. If parents take on the attitude of not promoting it as being acceptable this may help ward off youth from partaking in this activity in the future.