Homelessness for any age group is something that almost every country has to deal with. Youth homelessness in Canada is a problem that has to be dealt with and can only be done effectively if a policy and practice to address the problem is put in place.

There are many components that contribute to the youth homelessness.

The Reasons

Understanding what is driving the youth into this situation in the first place is the starting point for being able to develop policy and practice. Common causes are poverty within the home, It gets to the point where the young person leaves themselves or the family asks them to because they cannot afford to support them.

Other reasons they may leave is because of the violence in the home atmosphere that can include abuse on many different levels such as physical, emotional and mental.

Racism can contribute to this problem. Youth that are restricted in their living area or school setting because of racism are robbed of their opportunities to advance in life, and as a result, they have no life skills that ultimately leaves them homeless.

The Government in many ways has failed young people that are dealing with all these potential problems. There are not enough resources available to correct the situation that is ultimately leading them to homelessness

In many ways, society itself has failed them. Mostly by not recognizing that a youth may be homeless by no choice of their own but because of circumstances. Many people judge young ones living on the street as doing so by choice. They brand them as being lazy and lacking motivation.

To really eliminate the problem of homelessness in Youth living in Canada it takes an increase in knowledge by those who can make a difference. It means recognizing the triggers that lead many youth into this situation.