It is difficult to isolate social programs for youth in Canada but instead is much easier to look at these types of programs based on what each of the provinces has to offer. However, there are some programs provided across the country for youth provided by the Federal government.


This is a federal program for youth in Canada and is considered to be one of the more significant programs. This is a program that focuses on youth at risk, with the mandate of encouraging them to remain in the school system and go for post secondary education. Following up on this includes coaching, arming them with job search skills and planning for their career.

International Youth Program

This is a sector of the programs including the Youth employment strategy. The purpose of the program is to encourage youth to follow a chosen career and offers support to do so with the supplying of applicable tools, along with experience. Although it is dubbed as being for youth the age group for this is 19 to 30, so for many, they feel the youth application really only refers to the nineteen-year-olds.

Youth Internships

This is an add on to the Canada Youth Employment Strategy.The purpose of this particular program is to provide opportunities for youth to get into the work force. The youth age group designated for this program is 15 to 30.

While there are many programs throughout Canada dubbed as social programs many of them are geared towards education and job generation. This is done in an effort to offset some of the challenges that the youth in Canada are faced with. There are many other provincial ones that follows basically the same mandates as the Federal ones but they are designed to assist the youth of the particular provinces.